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Here is what a few of our some of our customers had to say:


  • "We installed our Swordfish UV air purifier about ten years ago. It came with a hole saw so that it could be easily installed in our furnace air duct.  It took me fifteen minutes to install and the plug and cord set provided fits into a regular wall outlet. The lamp emits UV rays that kill germs, viruses, mould and any other living organisms that may be lurking in your home's air. I suffer from allergies in the Fall and when I'm home the Swordfish helps to eliminate my symptoms. Now, with Covid-19 everywhere, we are especially thankful that we have another added defense against this deadly virus. We highly recommend this product; its low cost, ease of installation and the reassurance that our home is as safe as it can be."   ~ Michael and Aldonna (Feb 2021)
  • "We have had a SwordfishUV system in our home for several years. It is very clear that much care and consideration has been put into the design of this product. It's so easy to install. I have great confidence in it's ability to keep our indoor air clean and as a result reduce the colds, flu's and allergies in our home. Every house needs SwordFishUV" ~ Cyndi (Jan 2021)
  • "Excellent product design.  Easy to install.  Excellent customer service.  Free testing at service centre.  Fast replies to email inquiries.  Very friendly and helpful staff." ~ Bob, Toronto (June 2013).
  • "As I mentioned, I installed two of the 36 watt units on the two furnaces at my son-in-law’s home in Brookfield, Wisconsin about two months ago.  Having the hole saw included with the UV system made it very simple to install.   We decided to try the Swordfish since one of our grandchildren normally has frequent health problems due to allergies and asthma.  Since they were installed, our grandson has not had any health issues.  We are really impressed with the effectiveness of the Swordfish UV system." ~ Tom, Illinois
  • "How many boxes of Kleenex tissue, used per week prior to installation? On average 12 boxes per week. How many boxes used after installation? On average 4 boxes per week (This based on a five person household). An absolutely amazing product! Now if we could get one installed in every classroom in the country! Thank you." ~ Fabian (January 17, 2007).
  • "I have better sleep with no stuffy nose or headaches when I first wake in the morning. Now I am getting the number of hours of sleep that I need. All this after only three nights with the Swordfish installed."
  • "Last winter was our first year with a Swordfish. All 3 members of the family had less winter colds and our allergies where less bothersome. In my house the sickness of colds has decreased dramatically.  Thank you!"


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