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Improving the air you breathe... One breath at a time!
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About Us

Swordfish® UV Air Purifier

Our Commitment: Improving the air you breathe, one breath at a time!

Why Swordfish® UV Air Purifier was developed
Did you know that one gram of duct dust can contain up to 50,000 bacteria that are contaminating the air in your home? Were you aware that levels of pollution inside the home can be 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels and that 50% of illnesses are aggravated or caused by indoor air?

Swordfish® UV Air Purifier effectively inactivates pathogens that you can’t see but are contaminating the air in your home. Swordfish® UV Air Purifier uses the proven cleansing power of ultra violet light to quickly make every room in your home a clean and healthy environment for your family.

Hospital proven UVC light has been disinfecting medical facilities and operating rooms for many years. It has also been used for decades to purify drinking water to combat such diseases as cholera, dysentery, tuberculoses and hepatitis. It is also used extensively to keep different types of foods germ-free.

Finding a better way to live
Why are people like you calling and emailing us to tell us how Swordfish® UV Air Purifier has changed their life? Because it works. We receive numerous responses from customers thanking us for creating the Swordfish® UV Air Purifier. Visit our testimonial section to read and watch existing customers' stories.

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